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Xcalak is not an easy word to compose, much less to pronounce it correctly. Nor is it easy to associate the word with a place and ultimately decide that Xcalak is a destination you wish to spend time at. We hope the following information will make it easy for you to decide to spend your next vacation there.

Xcalak (pronounced SHKALAK) is located some 250 miles south of Cancun a the southernmost tip of theYucatan Peninsula. A palm-studded coastal region called Costa Maya. It is a place where the second largest barrier reef in the world and the breathtaking coastline edge a land of ancient forests backed brilliantly by azure waters of the Mexican Caribbean. Time seems to have forgotten this remote, somewhat primitive area. The town of Xcalak, for whatever reasons, appears to have resisted progress, as we know it in the "civilized" world. Fishing is the mainstay for most of the few hundred native inhabitants and a relaxed, unhurried lifestyle sets the tone.

It is not far to the border of Belize and a world away from the world most of us live in. Yet it is what many dream about and hope to discover. This natural adventure land boasts a vast array of tropical plant and animal life. Lagoons along the undisturbed shoreline are home to Tarpon, Snook, Bonefish and Permit. Only a short distance from the beach, the most prolific and unspoiled reef beckons the snorkeler, diver and fisherman.

During the past few years a small number of us "Gringos" have turned our dreams into reality. We settled along the shores of  COSTA MAYA, survived a couple of hurricanes, the language and cultural differences, and one by one created individual seaside resorts, each of them worthy of your visit.

Before we give you directions on how to get to our piece of paradise, here is an unsolicited, direct quote placed on the Internet by one of our clients who spent a week in Xcalak during the past Christmas holidays:

"Imagine a small, secluded town set near the warm, white, inviting beaches of the southernmost portion of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula often referred to as the "Costa Maya". Then imagine yourself lying on one of these beaches basking in the brilliant sunshine overlooking the crystal clear aquamarine waters of the Caribbean...and finally, imagine that you are the only one on the beach. That is reality in Xcalak, a small Mexican town located north of the Belize border.

(This quote was taken from davestravelcorner.com.)


We look forward to welcoming you in the Xcalak area soon.

To contact the Xcalak Info, email: hoteltierramaya@yahoo.com

Xcalak Info Home - Directions & Map - Travel Options - Hotels & Resorts - Dining & Shopping
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