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Getting to Xcalak:

CANCUN is the most logical destination to begin your Mexican vacation. Rent a car prior to your departure for Mexico, either through your travel agent or on the Internet at www.tripadvisor.com.

Take possession of your vehicle but make sure that you inspect the car carefully for any damages whatsoever and have the attendant mark all scratches, dents, condition of tires, missing cigarette lighter, etc. on his standard form. Consider paying for the rental car with either a Gold or Platinum credit-card which will cover you fully for insurance. (Check the small print on your card contract). Charges for insurance by rental agents in Mexico are generally outrageously high, and if you can save this amount instead, you will have plenty left over for some fine Margaritas when you get to Xcalak.

Once you are rolling out of the Cancun Airport, get onto Route 307 South, a four-lane  super-highway, which will take you past Playa del Carmen and Akumal to Tulum. So far  you have spent approximately 1 1/2 hours on the road and now you are getting from the touristy area to the Mexican part of your trip. The road changes into a two lane, well  paved road, with traffic diminishing. You will encounter a variety of exotic birds and other fauna, pass several Mayan mounds and an occassional Mayan temple on the edge of the jungle.

One hour later you will be arriving in Felipe Carillo Puerto, a typically Mayan city, interesting and friendly. Regardless of how much gasoline is in your tank at that time, you are well advised to fill up either at the new Pemex station just before entering the city, or at the station in the town center. Adjacent to the latter is a newly opened Bank, where you may wish to exchange some money or use the ATM machine. Exchange rates here are generally better than in the more popular tourist areas.

About 45 minutes out of Carillo Puerto you pass through the town of Limones, where after approximately two kilometers turn left (east) onto a new superlative two lane road with wide enough shoulders to pull off to the side safely, should you desire for one reason or another. This section leading towards the ocean and the town of Majahual used to be a torturous, narrow road, plenteously marked by treacherous pot holes. Now it is a joy to drive and 50km along this stretch you come to a military checkpoint where you may be asked to exit your car so that a mostly superficial inspection of your vehicle will prove you are not carrying drugs or arms to Xcalak. After having given a friendly smile to the military, you turn right at the intersection and you are on the home stretch.

The last 60 km on this relatively new road should be a pleasure since a warm welcome at your destination is waiting, but be warned that that when you least expect it, potholes, especially at km 19, 29 and 30 will get in the way of your forward progress and equally so will a variety of animals crossing the road. At the end of the road take a sharp left into Xcalak. You will be entering town from the south, the pavement ends and you find yourself on a dirt-sand-pothole road. Any car can handle it though and after all, you are close to whichever destination you choose, or have chosen in advance.

Navigate your way towards the beach road,heading north through Xcalak. Nearing the northern end of town, after a few zig zags in the road, you will meet with a small, steep bridge across an inlet and you are now entering the "Hotel Zone", which at the present time extends nine miles to the north along the beach.

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